What is Pure Energy?


London Olympics, National Champions, snowy winters, torrential floods, amazing customers, custom bikes, late nights, lots of laughs, and some amazing miles, Pure Energy Cycling is reminded why we love being a local bike shop and why our customers are the lifeline of to our success and our growth. We hope to be able to continue to provide value to every customer and stay committed to preserving cycling culture. Thank you and Ride Strong!

Pure Energy is comprised of Arounkone Sananikone and Kyle Robinson. Together, we bring you the highest level of expertise in the region. When you love something so much, you just want to share it!  So after careful planning and years of experience, I hope we can bring you a cycling experience that is unique and meaningful.  Pure Energy is pure passion!

Custom Bicycles

Pure Energy Cycling and Java House is a full service bicycle shop emphasizing bicycle customization specific to the goals and physiology of each individual rider.  Customization is not exclusive to building a bike to the measurement of a rider, but it can be as basic as taking a stock bicycle, and bringing out the custom value of that bicycle, based on the clients physical dimensions. Customers will play an active role in how their bike rides, feels, and looks.

Precision Bicycle Fit

Pure Energy mechanics are also bicycle fit specialists, trained to asses a precision fit, using Serotta cycle-fit fundamentals. Through a meticulous interview, on-trainer cycling session, and follow-up, we can diagnose the proper frame size or fine tune your current fitting.

A precision fit empowers a cyclist to gain efficiency, comfort, and safety! Visit our Precision Fit page for more detailed information.