Kyle Robinson

k-r-mechLet’s blame it on “dumpster diving” for starting my love for bikes! My cousin and I basically found a clunker of a bike in the dumpster and we did everything we could to resurrect it. I knew that if I put more effort and attention into fixing the bike, the more reliable the bike would be. We biked everywhere…to get into trouble, and often, to get out of trouble.

I started racing BMX bikes when I turned 13. Everyday, all the time, I wanted to give 110% into being faster on the starts, on the jumps, through the turns, and across the finish line! It was not long before I raced nationally and became a state champion.Β  I realized my life and love revolves around bikes and wanted to make it my career.

Stop by with your clunker or dream bike and I will try my best to not commit it to the dumpster!

-Kyle (Boy Wonder)