Arounkone Sananikone (Founder)


Thanks for taking a moment to find out a little bit more about myself. Basically, Pure Energy is not just a business, its an American dream come true.  I am a refugee from Laos who grew up in the “Southside” of San Antonio, which is where my passion for biking began.  I learned to ride a bike at age 8.  At age 9, I started saving and accrued $80 ($79 to be exact, but who’s counting?) in 3 years to get my first bike at age 12.  After that, the rest is history.  Within a year of getting my first bike, I could do Smith decades, 360’s off the curb, and had all the latest flatland freestyle tricks!  At age 15, I entered my first flatland freestyle contest and got 1st place in the Super Class.  My second contest, I entered Pro flatland and got 3rd place. During the first 5 years I owned a bike, I must have only missed 10 days practicing on my freestyle bike.  And when I practiced, it was 2 to 8 hours per day! Biking was my addiction, my salvation, and my passion.

Since then, I have learned to love all forms of biking, which include: mountain, road, cyclocross, and BMX!  I have raced on the NORBA circuit, done grueling road rides, and 24-hour mountain bike races.  The lifestyle, splendor, and innovation that comes with cycling makes me thirst for more knowledge and experience.

As a chemical engineer, I was fortunate to work with many prototype carbon fiber weaves intended for the aircraft industry.  My training moved onto processing and developing new thermoset and epoxy resins, which would ultimately bond high-modulus PVC and carbon fiber tubes.  Do you sense the seeds being firmly planted?

My engineering career has enabled me to work with rheological fluids, cryogenic gases, carbon fiber, resins, and chromatography.  I would not trade that experience for anything.  But honestly, I was born to ride, build, and advocate bicycles!  Pure Energy Cycling and Java House is built so that we can surround ourselves with beautiful bicycles, great friends, in a community that is ripe for great riding!

Pure Energy is really Pure Passion!